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The Goffin Group specializes in serving companies whose products are technically mature and whose founders need financial backing. It also supports companies in their orientation and strategy development, as well as companies looking for a sales partner who is networked in the private sector wanting to accept orders. The Cologne ex-Ford / Visteon / tedrive managers Reiner Greiss, Thomas Brüse and Thomas Schmidt are the initiators of success.

The Goffin Energie,  provides high-efficiency small biogas plants, with the introduction of the newly developed small packaged technology. The standardized and modular container system covers a range from 50 to 250 kWel, occupying a relatively small footprint. The fully automated biogas plant is not designed for a type of lining, or the cultivation of energy maize, but rather uses old fat, green waste, discarded or expired food and redundant baked goods (and almost all other organic raw materials and waste).

A standard 100 kW electrical system will produce more than 830,000 kWh per year aided by full automation and remote monitoring, delivering a lifespan of more than 20 years. An expansion of the system, a dismantling, or the relocation of the entire system is possible at any time due to the container-based, packaged design. The target customers are owner-occupiers from agriculture and industry, who want to recycle their waste or residual materials avoiding disposal costs, even for small quantities.

The Goffin multi-stage plants can process vegetable and animal biomass and waste of all kinds to biogas, offering interesting payback periods, without state funding, purely through the conversion of generated electricity. In addition, the residual heat can be used, crude fertilizers can be produced, and even high-quality biofertilizers can be produced when using bio-raw materials.

In the constantly growing network there are e.g. Cooperation-Partnerships in Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Malaysia and the Philippines